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About Us

Seeds of New Leaf is a nonprofit organization that is breaking barriers for people in recovery for substance use disorders.  We believe that nothing should stand in the way of recovery for those who want it in our community.

Seed of New Leaf was founded by the daughters of Michael T. White. They grew up by his side, in the world of recovery.  When Mike passed away in 2016, he was 20 years sober and continuing to impact the lives of others in our community - one recovery story at a time. Seeing first hand how one man's recovery can change the lives of everyone around them, Seeds of New Leaf is a continuation of his work.  

With love,

Mike's girls 




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Programs and Services

Removing Barriers

Rolling Recovery

Rolling Recovery - Mobile Response Van

Rolling Recovery will hit the streets in August 2022 and will connect individuals in our community with a variety of resources such as: treatment, harm reduction, sober living housing and basic needs. 

For more information, contact Damin K. Williams at

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Treatment First Housing Assistance

Treatment First

Housing Assistance

Having a safe and sober living arrangement is barrier to entering and remaining in treatment for many individuals.  Seeds of New Leaf provides rental assistance at approved transitional sober living homes while clients are in an intensive outpatient treatment program for substance use disorders.  

For more information, contact Amanda at

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Filling In the Gaps

Basic Needs for Success

Individuals come to us from many different pathways and with a variety of needs.  We work to meet these needs to ensure that basic needs for health and safety are met so they can focus on the hard work of recovery.


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“Doing something for others without looking for something in return”


Michael T. White


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