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About Us

Seeds of New Leaf is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization currently funded by a grant through SAMHSA and the Commonwealth of Kentucky that strives to provide on-demand support and direct connection to all avenues of treatment and recovery for Substance Use Disorder and co-occurring mental illness, with our primary focus on underserved populations and communities.

Our vision is to create an equitable and accessible recovery community where all barriers have a breakaway.

Seed of New Leaf was founded by the daughters of Michael T. White. They grew up by his side, in the world of recovery.  When Mike passed away in 2016, he was 20 years sober and continuing to impact the lives of others in our community - one recovery story at a time. Seeing firsthand how one man's recovery can change the lives of everyone around them, Seeds of New Leaf is a continuation of his work.  

With love,

Mike's girls 




Programs and Services

Rolling Recovery

Rolling Recovery is a 24/7 mobile response "Treatment-on-Demand" van available to adults in Jefferson County with Substance Use Disorder or co-occurring mental illness. It is equipped with certified Peer Support Specialists who offer a basic Triage and screening to determine an appropriate level of care for an individual, as well as referral and transportation to various treatment options for SUD/co-occurring mental illness and linkage to other community-based resources as needed.

Treatment First

Having a safe and sober living arrangement is often a barrier to entering and remaining in treatment for many individuals. Seeds of New Leaf may provide rental assistance at approved recovery homes while clients are enrolled in an intensive outpatient treatment program for substance use disorders.     For more information, contact

Car Care Packs

Currently entirely donation-based, our Car Care Packs are available to anyone in need that our Peers encounter in the community and may include anything from socks, underwear, and blankets, to basic hygiene and first aid items, hand warmers, water bottles, and anything in between!


Coming Up Next


The 2023 Micheal T. White Recover Boldly Awards Luncheon was a success! 

Thank you to each and every person who attended. We are overwhelmed with the support we received, and the incredible energy that filled the room. 

We would like to offer an extra special thank you to our sponsors, who made this event possible.

“Doing something for others without looking for something in return”

Micheal T. White

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(502) 901-9664

Contact Rolling Recovery

(502) 528-4604

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